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Since 2006, we have had to go through the street show process before we could go on stage. To do this, we had to develop the art of the speaker. Attracting people with our voice, keeping them with our performance. Speaking is a real profession. We have recruited one of the best in Europe, Samy Speaker

With more than 500 shows in the last ten years in French and English, Samy has a perfect command of the codes of a freestyle or panna show. Séan Garnier, Andréas, Traffy, JMK and Moss are also excellent speakers for this type of event thanks to their experience acquired over the years. We would really like to draw your attention to this important element of the show. It is as important as a DJ. A great voice that conveys the right messages for your event can give it a whole new dimension.

We have also developed skills in terms of social media consulting, event organisation, competitions, street culture and artistic direction of a street art show.

All these years of working with the best agencies, brands and artists in the world have made us a reference in the field. If you want to save time, money and energy in these areas, don't hesitate to contact us, we will propose you the best consultants. 


  • Request for a quote at least 15 days in advance
  • Brief as precise as possible to meet your expectations.
  • We can produce white label.
  • Our rates depend on the duration of the mission and the complexity of the project. 


For the speaker part, we advise you to tell us your audience. This will allow us to choose the right profile.

For the consulting part, we advise you to contact us by phone in order to understand your needs. 


Speaker consultant Samy